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Kid's Rock Savings Accounts

It’s never too early to learn to save! Our Kid’s Rock Savings Accounts help teach good savings habits by encouraging and rewarding kids for actively participate in saving.

This account earns a higher tiered interest rate based on the balance.

Preschool through 6th grade (Ages 0-12)

  1. Receive a Rock Canyon piggy bank as a reward for opening a savings account
  2. Rock Canyon will match the child’s opening deposit up to $10
  3. Receive one Rock Canyon Bank token each time they make an in-person deposit
  4. Redeem 5 Rock Canyon Bank tokens for a prize out of the Rock Canyon Treasure Chest

Students 7th - 12th grade (Ages 13-18)

  1. Good Grades Program: Rock Canyon will deposit $1 into the student’s savings account for every “A” earned on their report card. One report card per year (365 days).
  2. This savings account will automatically transfer to a regular savings account at the age of 18

Kid’s Rock Savings Accounts have no minimum opening deposit or minimum balance requirement, and have special tiered interest rates.

Learn more about the Kid’s Rock Savings Accounts by calling or stopping by your local branch today.